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Debra Westbrook

Grace To All

Religion & Spirituality

Each season of my life brings new experiences that lead me into beautiful transitions, continual change and flowing transformation in Christ. I have a passion to see people rise up into their creative expression in Christ Jesus, living a life that is uniquely and gloriously perfect within their flow and function. God longs to journey with us and within us to co-create a life that is full and abundant in Christ. I am a speaker, leader, administrator, writer, creative, seer, visionary and travel scribe.

Each season of my life opened up new doors to travel throughout the world – living in Finland and the Middle East for over 8 years, traveling into Africa to teach, and exploring 25 countries in unique and creative ways. My curiosity and sense of adventure consistently challenges me to know God in a deeper way through the realm of faith and science.

I have a degree in Education with a focus in science and math. I am currently studying for a Masters in Theology at Grace Global Seminary. I speak on Quantum Concepts that impact and challenge my spirituality and faith. 

I live in Northern California along with two beautiful French Bulldogs, Chloe and Finn. I have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren who also live in California.

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