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Taking Back Your Life with Nathanael Zurbruegg

Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness with Melissa Oatman-A daily dose of spirituality and self improvement

Religion & Spirituality

Meet Nathanael.  Nathanael has had quite a journey in life.  He was chronically ill for over 30 years, having had medical prognosis like “He shouldn’t be able to walk, talk and should have been dead six times by now!" He also went through 3 failed kidney transplants; over 4500 life saving treatments so far; several depressions, one that almost led to suicide, and an 80% hearing loss.  Today, he is alive like never before.  None of these medical setbacks has stopped him from living an extraordinary life. In fact, Nathanael went on to become an entrepreneur, multiple award winning global inspirational speaker, certified coach, victorious mindset mentor, and he ran a 30 km race! He believes that inspiring people to create a victorious mindset clears the way to an unlimited life.  A life that one always dreams of!     Contact Nathanael:   Contact me: melissaoatman77@gmail 636-748-4943   Purchase my book Beautifully Broken:   Purchase my book Mindfulness Matters   Follow me on social media:   Donations are not necessary, however, if you feel inclined to donate to my channel through Venmo or PayPal, your energetic gifts are very much appreciated! Venmo @Melissa-Ann-161 PayPal:

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