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FHP S2: E45 - Validating Our Own EXCUSES

Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks

Health & Fitness

Change requires change no matter how you look at itAnd often the changes we need the most?Well they're uncomfortable.Changes that make us uncomfortable don't feel sustainable. They feel so against everything we've been doing we find excuses not to make them.We even find ways to try to VALIDATE not doing them.We waste time putting up more mental barriers against the changes instead of just trying them, truly testing the changes by committing to them 100%, and seeing it as an experiment to gain a better understanding of our body.Often those uncomfortable changes are necessary to achieve a new and better result.Often those changes we least want to make, are the ones we need the most.And once we actually mentally GET ON BOARD with the changes? Once we stop trying to find reasons NOT to do it?Well we realize it isn't actually that hard after all.That NEW becomes habit.And amazingly sometimes we even think after awhile, "How was I not doing this before?!It is in our nature not to want to change.Change is uncomfortable. And we don't really like being uncomfortable.Plus, with change there is a fear of failure.That's why it's key we ADMIT why we truly don't want to make the change. We lower those mental barriers by RECOGNIZING them.We need to say to ourselves, "Ok I know this is going to be uncomfortable. I know I won't like it to start BUT I've got to take this risk and LEARN if I want a better outcome."By recognizing what holds us back from at least TRYING something new, we can then better move forward and commit 100% to the plan.Because if you don't test something new? If you keep doing what you've always done?You can't keep expecting things to turn out better.STOP trapping yourself in a hamster wheel working really hard without getting anywhere. You have the power at any time to step off that wheel by making an uncomfortable change.And once you do?You'll be amazed often how much BETTER things are and how that new lifestyle builds into something sustainable.We just often have to be willing to dive in and trust the process!Recognize why you are resistant to the change. And remind yourself that change requires change.Choose to recognize it as an experiment.Don’t shut yourself in a bubble. Be willing to see the other side.Recognize that you truly need to give something your 100% effort to know if it will or won’t work.

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