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Caroline Goldfarb and Sarah Ramos

Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best


This week, Busy, Shantira and Caissie pre-record the pod because of Busy's busy schedule, but then a bunch of other stuff happens so they get in a time machine to go back to address further developments! Kinda. Busy discusses New Year's with her BFF Michelle and tells the shocking story of her dog Gina's dark tendencies. Shantira wants men to stop pretending that they don't know how to give compliments, and Caissie is on a quest to invent something that, honestly, could change the lives of women with sensitive heads. Then comedy duo Caroline Goldfarb and Sarah Ramos talk about their hilarious investigation into Jeremy Renner's app, plus Sarah drops a ginormous bombshell about why she left the hit show "Parenthood" that left the #BPIDHB team's jaws on the floor!Sponsors:Function of promo code: and use code: 10best

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