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1. Ok, Here's the Pitch

An Oral History of The Office


A chance discovery on a trip to London sends a producer on the hunt to secure the rights - and a TV network - to produce a series with the potential to redefine comedy in the US.Hosted and Executive Produced by Brian Baumgartner.Executive Producer/Showrunner: Linh Le.Executive Producers for Propagate: Ben Silverman, Howard Owens and Drew Buckley. Senior Producers: Joanna Sokolowski and Julia Smith.Written & Produced by: Tessa Kramer and Alyssa Edes.Writer/Story Producer: Benny Spiewak. Assistant Editors: Russell Wijaya and Diego Tapia.Technical Director: Seth Olansky.Theme Song: Story Mechanics.Additional music & original score: Joe Berry. Special thanks to Margaret Borchert, Christian Bonaventura, Matthew Rosenfield, Alex Mauboussin, Lucy Savage, Emily Carr and Syeda Lee for production support.

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Listen to An Oral History of The Office, coming July 14th

An Oral History of The Office, coming July 14th

Jul 6, 2020
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Feed Starter

Jun 26, 2020
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