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EP 337: On Death and Dying with Kelly Watkins

Embodied with Elizabeth DiAlto

Religion & Spirituality

Last week, an acquaintance of mine, Kelly Watkins reached out on Instagram to share a post with me about how she'd be diagnosed with incurable blood cancer and asked if I'd be willing to have a conversation about death and dying on the podcast.

She herself has worked on both sides of life as a nurse in labor and delivery, a hospice nurse, and then outside of western medicine as a death doula, so she has a lot of perspectives to share.

Of course, I said yes and this episode is that conversation.

One of the things we both noticed about midway through the conversation was that we could have gone deeper and tapped into more of the things that people prefer not to talk about AND we felt a sensitivity around the current climate around COVID-19 and the Coronavirus and the mortality and death we're about to be confronted with across the globe - so we trusted that where we did go was perfect.

A few of the threads we pulled in our chat were: being a mother of five under quarantine right now with just one of her babies, what matters most to her right now and why, definitions of grace and the presence of grace in her current experience and experiences she's had with clients and patients over the years, death as a calling, how life and death are connected, how important it is to talk about death, how we need to find ways to be more comfortable with this and more.

As I'm feeling more compelled to approach interviews this year - we just hit record and went until we felt complete, which was about 90 minutes.

I hope you'll be transformed and moved by this tender conversation, share it with loved ones and use it to spark your own inquiries and explorations of your relationship to death and dying and any shifts you may want to make around that.

Big love,


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