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Remember Me

Magic King Dom


A. R. Olivieri writes, directs, & produces Magic King Dom.

Lisette Alvarez acts as “Dom.”

Justin Fernandez acts as “Peter.”

David Wright acts as “Ark.”

Siri Voice Assistant acts as “Ellis.”

Harrison Werner acts as “Field Agent Weiss.”

Leslie Gideon acts as “Carolyn.”

Heather VanderMeiden acts as “Jordyn.”

Brett Halvorson acts as “Lieutenant Van Gaal.”

Jordan Cobb acts as “Rani.”

Michelle Booze acts as “Caldwell.”

West One Music creates the soundscapes.

STATEN performs the song “Fi.” provides all foley & sound design.

Magic King Dom is a completed series, but there’s more micros! Try 2298, LIMBO, Great & Terrible, or Easiest of All the Hard Things. You also can purchase exclusive micros, only available at

Read the transcript here.

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