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Episode 5 : A Lack of Motivation

You and Me and BPD

Health & Fitness

In this episode I wanted to address the common feelings of inferiority, lack of motivation, and low self esteem that many of us live with. Sometimes it can feel like we are in a battle against the world or our ideas of self, but I hope with this episode you know that you are not alone in those struggles; I hope you can see that we are all just trying to find a way to accept ourselves and each other more, despite the flaws we may have. This podcast is a way for me to unpack my own feelings while also starting conversations with those who might not be able to speak up so loudly about their own experiences. Please reach out on my Instagram @journey.bound if you want to talk or have any ideas/opinions about what future episodes I can make. I hope that we can find community in our shared experiences.

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