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6. Boundaries

The Recovering Porn Addict


Abstinence from pornography and lust hits is the foundation of a solid recovery. Creating and maintaining boundaries is the main way to achieve that abstinence. This episode answers questions like "What are boundaries?", "Why are boundaries important?", "What does a good boundary look like?" and gives specific boundaries that I follow as well as my recovery buddies.It's important to have both restrictive and constructive boundaries so you can avoid lust triggers and build yourself up into the person you want to be.A good boundary is:Specific: It's not enough to say "I'm not going to look at porn." Boundaries are specific defenses for your weak/blind spots.Measurable: Boundaries must have a clear point where they are "broken" so you definitively know if you are keeping them or notAttainable: Boundaries have to be realistic and possibleRelevant: Boundaries are your personal "lines in the sand" to help you recover from addiction, not someone elseSome of my favorite boundaries are: No phone in bedroom, no browser on phone, get enough sleep each night

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