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Cisco Manufacturing Leaders

Cisco Manufacturing Leaders

13 episodes

Mar 30, 2020

Ensuring your Industry 4.0 initiatives are valuable business investments

  • Discover how to directly align business value to new and evolving technology investments
  • Implement Industry 4.0 initiatives to improve daily workflows and processes
  • Learn how to direct your resources on what matters most for driving productivity

Guest Speaker: Carlos Rojas, Global Manufacturing Lead at Cisco

Jan 21, 2020

Unleash the Power of Wireless! Let's talk about 5G 

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What if, remotely....

...Operators could run tools, technicians could monitor and maintain equipment, and supervisors and foreman could manage workflow and safety conditions?

In this episode we will explain how connected and mobile technologies enable manufacturing companies to:

  • Increase worker productivity – use mobile devices to give workers instructions, notifications, and information at the place of work
  • Reduce response and repair times – monitor equipment remotely to shift from preventive to predictive maintenance as well as remotely repair/tune equipment (when safety conditions allow)
  • Enhance recruiting and development – enable the digitally capable worker to use augmented (AR) and virtual reality to solve problems faster with remote experts
  • Improve plant safety – connect mobile and remote sensors to ensure environmental and personal safety conditions prevail

Nov 25, 2019

[SPECIAL FEATURE Live from 2019 Automation Fair] Securely Connecting IT and OT - Enabling the workforce of the future 

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This special feature episode is recorded live from the 2019 Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago, Illinois!! Cisco's participation in this event every year brings thousands of industry experts to the show floor for a week filled with engaging sessions, on-site demos, and more! 

In this episode, we'll share key highlights from the event including: 

  • Excerpts from Cisco's recording with Rockwell Automation in the #RokLive media booth
  • An exclusive interview with Rockwell's Director of Global Partnering, Carol Shumate discussing the value of our strategic partnership, the evolution of IT OT convergence, industrial security challenges and how to solve them, and opportunities for certification programs and worker enablement!

Featured Guest: Carol Shumate, Director of Global Partnering from Rockwell Automation

Oct 29, 2019

Managed or unmanaged switches? Exploring the benefits of network automation 

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  • Discover how network automation can save time, improve worker safety, and protect against malicious cyber attacks.
  • Learn the basic requirements for enabling network automation, including the pros and cons of managed and unmanaged switches, 
  • Hear unique perspectives from both IT and operations on the common challenges and concerns with industrial network management

Oct 3, 2019

Weakness at your boundaries 

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Where are the boundaries for threats to your operational systems? Who should be involved when responding to a cybersecurity incident? In this episode...

  • Learn what boundaries are and why your strategy depends on them
  • Build a realistic action plan to respond to threats and prevent damage
  • Discover where the majority of attacks are happening today
  • Use your organization and processes to build an effective execution plan to mitigate increasing risks 

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