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Nov 23, 2020

Eps.27 Discovering Matrescence with Nikki McCahon 

Today we are interviewing Nikki McCahon, a most inspiring, beautiful woman, a Mumma to Arley and wife to Darren.

This episode is Insightful and brilliant for all mums to be and all those in the thick of post partum stage.

Nikki is a Matrescence Educator and Women’s life cycle guide

Nikki is the founder of ‘The Dear Mama Project’ podcaster, a coach a facilitator of intimate women’s circles and workshops both in person and online.

Nikki believes ‘When a baby is born, so too is a mother. Both are vulnerable, unsteady and trying to make sense of this new world’

Motherhood unravels us, and reweaves us. It leaves no woman as it found her. It cracks us open, takes us to our edges. It’s both beautiful and brutal, often at the same time.

Nikki’s journey with matrescence and initiation into this work was painful, joyful, challenging and disorientating. Whilst it didn’t feel like it at the time, it was the making of her as a person. Nikki created the Dear Mama Project as a soft landing place for you to explore your own transformation.

Enjoy every moment and here are some details if you wish to connect with Nikki after this episode.

Nikki’s online courses / workshops

Nikki’s podcast

Apple :-


Contact Nikki

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Nov 12, 2020

Eps:26 Nadine Muller shares her journey through Pregnancy & Birth Trauma 

In today’s podcast Shari & Nicola interview a most inspiring women, Nadine Muller.  Mumpreneur, Registered Nurse who was until recently in the Australian Defence Force (Air Force) a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, a wife to Dane, and Mother to two amazing awesome little boys, Madden & Beckham.

This episode comes with a WARNING to anyone suffering with child birth trauma. This is a vulnerable, open, raw and real conversation and might be hard for some to hear, so please know we are here to support you, I have included some resources to help you if you need support from your own birth trauma experience.

Nadine shares her journey through pregnancy suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and then her second birth to Beckham where she opens up to the the trauma of his birth.

Nadine and Dane are both passionate to help and support many families who have suffered with child birth trauma and Nadines passion and support for women struggling with HG.

Please take a big breath as you sit back and listen to Nadines journey.

If you are looking to work with Nicola and gain more support, understand how to breathe in pregnancy / birth and beyond,  please visit her on

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If you are struggling after listening to this episode please contact the following resources you are not alone.

If you would like to follow Nadines story and life


1300 726 306

Australasian Birth Trauma Association

The Gidget Foundation

COPE - Perinatal Foundation

For the Men the Dad’s

Dads Group -

Nov 1, 2020

Ep 25: Birth Trauma with Dr Erin Bowe and how it looks or feels different to every women 

Birth Trauma is real and couple possibly affects 1 in 3 women. 

Birth trauma looks and feels different to every woman, birth partner and even birth workers.

In this episode, we wanted to create conversation and bring to light around birth trauma and so we invited Dr Erin Bowe into this conversation.

Dr Erin Bowe is a Clinical Psychologist and perinatal psychologist, and transformation coach for women. 

She has also previously taught childbirth education with Hypnobirthing Australia. She has 12+ years experience supporting families through the worst traumas imaginable, to find growth, strength and beautiful resilience they never knew possible. 

After experiencing her own birth trauma (twice!) she quickly learned how little support and training there is for our birth workers who hear and witness these stories every day.  From this, she developed two birth trauma training courses – one for parents, and one for birth workers. She has attracted over 1000 students in less than 6 months, so this speaks volumes to how much this work is needed.  

Her book, More than a Healthy Baby, is due for release in December. This is a beautiful, heartfelt call to action for families to not only find strength and growth after birth trauma but to become the guardians of change in birth culture for the next generation.

To work with Erin or to look at the support she can offer you through her courses visit her website

Follow Erin on Instagram @doctorerinbowe

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Oct 25, 2020

Ep: 24 Kirby Hood - Supporting women in birth and documenting their experience through photography 

Kirby Hood from Olive Juice Lifestyle Photography is an award-winning birth Photographer and Doula.

In our chat with Kirby we talk about her role as a Doula and how she supports women and also we clear up some of the most common questions asked about Birth Photography... And no birth photography is not just about taking photos of your vagina.

Through the work Kirby does she is able to document the whole birth experience for families to look back on and reflect on the amazing moments.

If you live within the Brisbane, QLD Gold Coast area and want to connect with Kirby as a Doula or to photograph your birth you can follower her on Instagram @olivejuicelifestyle or website

Be sure to also follow Nicola and Shari:

Shari Lyon - @belly2birth or to book into an upcoming Hypnobirthing Online Course CLICK HERE

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Oct 14, 2020

EPS: 23 Breaking out of a stressful career to conceive a baby and birth a business 

In this podcast Shari & Nicola interview an inspiring Mumpreneur, Jenni Cauchi a formulator and founder of skin care range Blum, Brisbane born, a wife & mum of a beautiful little boy.

Jenni shares her life and the up’s and downs of trying to become a mum and breaking the stressful career path…

Jenni was thriving in her career as an Interior Designer, but working exhaustive hours in a high stress environment.

She was totally happy riding the adrenaline wave until it slapped Jenni in the face (so to speak) . I would most likely have to have IVF or assisted conception. I set out on a quest for answers, If I cannot do what I am fundamentally programmed to do as a woman then what on earth was I doing wrong?!

Jenni watched countless friends struggle with anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue and infertility. Jenni was struggling with her own hormonal imbalances and set out on a quest to resolve them with the hope that one day she would be able to have children after many years of absent periods. Little did she know that she was embarking on a HUGE lifestyle overhaul to eventually land at the root cause of the problem – CORTISOL!

She then dove more and more into the ‘alternative’ lifestyle

And Blume was born……

Jenni products invites you to carve out the time to embrace self-love and quiet moments of reflection, creating a more conducive mindset for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. Allowing every woman an opportunity to blūm.

Myself & Shari love introducing women to theses incredible experiences found within the products they truly are nurturing and is made with so much love.

Sit back and feel inspired… Jenni is such a beautiful soul

If you want to find out more information please see the link below to connect with Jenni and Blume

Sep 12, 2020

EP:21 Interview with Shari Lyon - Positive Birth with Hypnobirthing 

This episode is an interview with Shari about her journey and life mission to empower women to have a positive birth. Shari’s passion for women is truly heart felt and Shari’s mission is to spread the word of positive birthing and that she truly believes that we all deserve to have a positive experience no matter how your baby comes into the world. Shari personally used the Hypnobirthing Australia™️  techniques during her own 2 births. Shari’s  first and life-changing experience was with her son at a Birth Centre on the Gold Coast, Australia and her second in a beautiful home birth where she even filmed her birth for you to see her using the techniques she teaches within her current courses and so you can see just how amazing birth can be. Watch Shari’s birth by clicking here If you want to learn more about Hypnobirthing and are looking to work with Shari,  please visit her on Work with Nicola to support you with Breath Work in pregnancy and apply for her upcoming pregnancy coaching programme  Remember to come over and join the Nurture Hub Online Community by clicking HERE for only $47 where you will get to connect with other like-minded mums and with Shari and Nicola on a weekly basis where we will take you through breathing, meditations and talking about different topics to help you prepare for your birth and work through the ups and downs of motherhood. Sit back and enjoy this episode.

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