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The Robotics Engineering Experience by RE2 Robotics

Travis Schneider

7 episodes

Aug 19, 2020

The Robotics Engineering Experience: Robotics Software with Andrew Davison 

In Episode 4 of The Robotics Engineering Experience, Business Development Manager Travis Schneider talks to Director of Software Engineering Andrew Davison about the #software that brings our robots to life!   

Andrew shares what inspires him, what he enjoys the most about software engineering, the programming languages he favors, and the most challenging--and rewarding--aspects of writing software for #robotics. Travis and Andrew also discuss the ways that #autonomy and #artificialintelligence are driving the development of RE2's next generation of robotic systems. In particular, Andrew discusses how RE2 is applying #computervision and #machinelearning to its #autonomy and #AI modules, RE2 Detect and RE2 Intellect, to enhance the capabilities of its mobile, human-like robots.  

Learn more about RE2 Detect and RE2 Intellect: 

Download our whitepaper, "Achieving Robotic Autonomy, to learn more about our AI capabilities": 

Connect with Andrew Davison: 


Aug 5, 2020

The Robotics Engineering Experience: Defense Robotics with Jonathan Brown 

RE2 Robotics has a proven history of working with the Department of Defense to create cutting-edge robotic technology. In this interview, Travis Schneider interviews RE2 Business Development Manager Jonathan Brown, a defense #robotics and autonomy specialist, about RE2's extensive history of developing next-generation robotics for the U.S. Military. 

Jonathan also shares what inspires his work with the Department of Defense, and discusses how RE2's #autonomy modules, RE2 Detect and RE2 Intellect, are helping to advance RE2's mission of keeping #warfighters out of harm's way.   

Learn more about RE2's work with the defense industry: 

Learn more about our technology: 

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