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The Boss Chick Project

26 episodes

Jun 24, 2021

Episode 25: Mind-Body Awareness with Erin Tetarenko 

The past year since graduation, Kenn and Cass have really struggled with discovering exactly what their purpose in life is. Especially during Covid, it is the most difficult subject to grasp without getting overwhelmed. Fortunately, this week's guest helps the girls recognize a different way to live and think by being present and using mind-body connection therapy.Erin Tetarenko is a wellness, mind and body coach living in Australia that connects her education in kinesiology and psychology with her yoga practice to create holistic programs for clients who are struggling with their current way of life. After noticing the negative physical impacts of the stress and struggles she faced during her education, she not only realized that mental health directly affects your physical well-being, but she also recognized that the expected path she was on was not the most healthy one. Erin was able to take control of that struggle and use her experience and education to help clients become more aware and mindful.During their discussion, Erin explains the various ways she helps her clients begin to connect their mind and body and to become more mindful. The girls chat about the impacts of stress and burnout,  the importance of rest, the power of breath work, and overcoming insecurities. Erin also provides Kenn and Cass personalized advice to the tensions that they are facing in their daily lives.Erin details the various courses she has, Awakening Resilience and Self Leaderships, that help clients become more self-aware and redefine success, and she outlines what you can expect if you sign up for her incredible retreats!To learn more about Erin and her services, visit and follow her on Instagram @erin.tetarenko.Follow the Boss Chicks on Instagram @thebosschickproject, @kenn_gabrielle, and @cassandramilk, and on TikTok @thebosschickproject, or check out our website at www.thebosschickproject.comDownload, subscribe and follow to get invited to the next BCP Retreat!

Jun 10, 2021

Episode 24: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds with Taylor Bertoli 

 It is imperative that all boss chicks participate in Hot Girl Summer (HGS) this year, and the most important part of HGS is self care. Kenn and Cass have been manifesting, meditating, focusing on their health; however, they are missing one crucial self-care practice that is necessary to achieve HGS - fixing their financial health. The world of finance can be intimidating. There is a ton of jargon, it's male dominated, and it can seem overwhelming, but this week's guest addresses it all during the episode. Taylor Bertoli is an associate at Abbott Wealth Management in Kamloops, and she found her career in finance through a combination of her economics degree, a keen interest in personal finance, and through mentors that have influenced her. Taylor can translate the world of finance into a comprehensible discussion, making it less intimidating and even exciting!Taylor answered all of our questions and gave the best tips for recent graduates looking to start saving. Stocks, Bonds, RRSPs, TFSAs, Investments - Taylor breaks it all down for us, and she even gives insight to the wild world of crypto-currency!Everyone can do more to improve their financial health, and with Taylor's advice, it can all be achieved. And most importantly, this episode will help you identify the real 'finance bro's' from the fake ones.Check out Taylor at Abbott Wealth Management through their website at or find her on Instagram at @taybertoli!Follow the Boss Chicks on Instagram at @thebosschickproject, @kenn_gabrielle, and @cassandramilk. Check them out on TikTok at @thebosschickproject and learn more about past episodes and how you can become a guest at't forget to follow, subscribe, download and leave a review or else the markets might face a downturn! 

May 20, 2021

Episode 23: Read All About It with Taylor Jack of Bonhomie Magazine 

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it! Or well, we used to read all about it in our favourite magazines. This week, the girls sit down to discuss the world of trends, starting with Gen Z's new favourite word for out-of-trend behaviour, "cheugy." A way to describe the actions and fashion of millenials, cheugy is taking the TikTok world by storm and causing even more controversy than when Gen Z cancelled skinny jeans. 

When wondering if they should address their own "cheugy" vibes, Kenn and Cass realized that, 10 years ago, they would have found the latest trends to ditch or display from their favourite magazines. The magazine industry has drastically changed due to the rise of technology; however, there is still an enigmatic appeal to discovering new fashion pieces or recipes from their silky pages rather than from a website.

Taylor Jack, the writer and editor of Kamloops' newest magazine, understood the draw of having something tangible when creating Bonhomie. After finding themselves in unlikely situations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Taylor and the three other co-creators of the magazine, Amanda Agassiz, Natalie Sky, and Marisa Bertoli, found inspiration while re-directing their focus on their local community.  Bonhomie highlights the hidden treasures that our city has to offer, and it tells the unique stories of our community members. 

To support Bonhomie, follow them on Instagram at @Bonhomie_Mag and like their Facebook page! You can pick up your copy of the magazine at Essence Lighting, or keep your eyes open for the new issue to be released at your favourite local business this upcoming Fall. 

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May 6, 2021

Episode 22: Speaking From Experience - Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills 

The office is closed but class is in session. During this weeks episode, Kenn goes from student to teacher as she provides Cass with her very own Public Speaking seminar. 

From retreat team member, to actor, to workshop coordinator, to university campaign spokesperson, Kennedy has extensive experiences in the public speaking realm, and she truly feels it has helped her find her passion. Beyond her experience, Kenn took it upon herself to work with a vocal coach in university, and she has developed public speaking workshops for undergraduate and law students. In this episode, Kennedy imparts all her wisdom to Cass, whose biggest fear is public speaking!

Throughout the episode, Kenn teaches Cass about pre-speech rituals, breathing and vocal exercises, tricks to build up your confidence, and ways to memorize your speeches to lessen those fears, and get you ready for the stage.  Already comfortable in front of a crowd but want to go from classroom presentation to Ted Talk stage? Kenn also gives great tips to make your speech more memorable and convincing. 

Whether you are preparing for a class project, a work presentation, an interview, or a campaign speech, Kennedy has such great, actionable advice to take your public speaking skills to the next level.

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Apr 22, 2021

Episode 21: The Career Queen Will See You Now - Tips To Impress Recruiters with Cassie Ademola 

Who knew that two girls fresh out of university with minimal job experience DIDNT know everything about interviews and resumes?  Kenn and Cass tried their best in episode 2, but its time to bring in a professional. 

On this week's episode, Kenn and Cass sit down with the owner and founder of My Professional Agenda, co-founder of the Career Queens Club, and HR professional, Cassie Ademola to learn the inside information on how to not only land the interview, but how to also land the job. Cassie has gone through countless interviews herself, and she has also recruited and interviewed hundreds of candidates; using her expertise, she knows what it takes to make sure your resume works smarter, not harder, and ends up in the hands of hiring managers. 

During the conversation, Kenn, Cass and Cassie discuss the "do's and dont's" of resume building, how to make the most out of your LinkedIn page, and what interview answers truly impress recruiters. If you have ever used a Canva resume template, included a picture on your resume, or even put your name in the header of your Word document - grab a pen and paper and take notes because this is the episode you didn't know you needed!

For professional resume, LinkedIn, career building, or interview prep services, go to Cassie's website: and follow her @myprofessionalagenda and @careerqueensclub on Instagram. 
Check Cassie and the Career Queens out on Clubhouse for conversations on personal and professional development.

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Apr 8, 2021

Episode 20: Diving Deep with Ocean Bellamy 

Get your scuba gear on because we are going to dive deep in this episode!

As we get into warmer weather, summer flings may be heating up. But did your last relationship only last a few months because of the season changing, or did you use that as an excuse to sabotage something great? If you have ever wondered if you were self-sabotaging or if you were trusting your gut instinct - this is the episode for you.

Kenn and Cass are so pleased to welcome Ocean Bellamy to the podcast to talk about her work as a therapist, her successful Ocean's Therapy brand, and her tips and tricks to stop self-sabotage in its tracks. Ocean has her Bachelor of Science and Masters in Science, during which she studied psychology, and she is also a certified hypnotherapist. Beyond offering one-to-one therapy sessions, her Ocean's Therapy page offers helpful tips to take care of your mental health and educational interviews with other mental health experts. 

During the interview, Kenn and Cass planned to discuss self-sabotage in friendships, careers, and relationships, and the effects of comparison on our mental health; and although these topics were addressed, Ocean began touching on subjects that both Kenn and Cass have struggled with at one point or another, and the interview took a different turn. Ocean provided incredible advice to the girls about various relationship red flags, such as manipulation, gaslighting, and love bombing. Most importantly, Ocean gave the girls useful information to tell whether you're self-sabotaging, trusting a gut instinct, or if you're being manipulated. 

Already an interview both Kenn and Cass continuously listen to and learn from, they know this episode will speak to every listener! 

Follow Ocean or set-up a one-to-one session with her through her Instagram page: @oceanstherapy.

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Mar 25, 2021

Episode 19: Healthy Habits with Baneet Khun Khun 

Kenn and Cass could not be more thrilled to welcome fitness and nutrition coach, x-ray technician, influencer, entrepreneur and, most importantly, FRIEND to the podcast, Baneet Khun Khun to chat all about health and wellness.

Baneet moved to Vancouver from Kamloops to study Medical Radiography at BCIT. When she graduated she took a job at two major hospitals in Vancouver. After 2 years of working in her career, COVID hit and Baneet saw an opportunity to create home workouts for people stuck at home in quarantine. She took her personal training and nutrition coaching course at NASM and started her online coaching business Body By B. In just a year, she has helped many clients achieve their goals, and she has inspired her followers to lead healthier lives!

During our conversation, Baneet gives some great tips to help with digestion and to improve results at the gym based on our hormonal cycles. She also smashes some misconceptions around diet and fitness, especially for women. The girls also chatted about Baneet's decision to focus on overall health and wellness instead of just fitness, and she opens up about the difficulties women of colour face in the fitness industry.

No matter where you are on your health journey, this episode is a must listen if you have ever struggled with maintaining a routine or maintaining a healthy body image. 

If you are interested having Baneet as your fitness and health coach, sign up to be a client through her website at or in the link in her bio on Instagram @lifebybaneet.

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Mar 11, 2021

Episode 18: Girls Gone Boss 

Let's be honest, we have all seen the jokes about "girl bosses," maybe we have even laughed at a meme or two. Both Kenn and Cass admittedly have, and they even cringed at the thought of being seen in that joking way. But how did the #girlboss stereotype even become a stereotype in the first place? On this episode, Kenn and Cass discuss the now infamous term, how its perception affects women in the work place, and why we should all be more proud of our inner girl boss.

Oh, and on that topic, you would think that the title "Boss Chick Project" would have the same feeling for them - and it did! The girls give you the behind-the-scenes look at how they chose their name, and they talk through what each part of the title means to them and how it helped them to create the strong mission of the podcast.

Finally, the girls discuss the key lessons from the novel, "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Agrov, and how we can relate the same lessons and take them into the workplace to help you become a true 'girl boss', 'boss woman,' 'She-EO,' leader, or whatever term feels right to you. 

For Women's History Month, Kenn and Cass share their goals to educate themselves on the struggles that women have overcome and still face today, and they encourage all their listeners to do the same!

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Feb 25, 2021

Episode 17: Changing Course with AJ Eathorne 

On this week's episode, Kenn and Cass had the incredible honour of sitting down with former LPGA tour player and Realtor, AJ Eathorne, to discuss the lessons she learned while playing the beautiful game of golf.  

AJ grew up in the Okanagan Valley, and started golfing at age 13. After success as a junior, she received a full-ride scholarship to New Mexico State University and became a professional golfer immediately after graduation.  Her immense talent took her the LPGA at only 22 years old. Throughout her 11 year career, AJ had over 15 top ten finishes and travelled worldwide to play golf. 

During our conversation, AJ shares her amazing memories while on tour, as well as the challenges of being a professional athlete playing an individual sport. She also shares the details of her time caddying in the PGA and LPGA, and she discusses her decision to change careers from golf professional to real estate professional.

Beyond telling Kenn and Cass the memories she made during her career, AJ shares her best advice for keeping grounded, maintaining positivity, and believing in yourself. Oh, and she does some pretty impressive name-dropping from her time on the tour! If you have ever wondered what it's like to be a professional athlete, or if you want to learn how you can use your sports background in the 'real world', this episode is for you!

Follow AJ on Instagram at @ajeathorne, or check out her real estate information at

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Feb 18, 2021

Episode 16: A Career of Compassion with Bernadette Siracky 

The non-profit sector seems dauntingly different from the corporate world; instead of focusing on profit margins and competition, you are focusing on the multifaceted and sensitive realities of humanity. On this episode we explore the actualities of non-profit work through our conversation with Bernadette Siracky, Executive Director of the Kamloops Food Bank.

The Boss Chicks had the immense privilege of chatting with Bernadette  about the career she has built through her compassion for our communities. Bernadette began her career as a teacher in Alberta before pursuing her Masters of Education, after which she held roles in Labour Relations, human resources and in District level positions coordinating staff and programming for students with learning disabilities.

In addition to her unique professional journey, Bernadette shares her best decision-making advice, the initiatives she has implemented at the Food Bank, and the lessons she has learned about leaning on your strengths to help you get through professional and personal struggles.

We highly encourage you to consider donating to the Kamloops Food Bank to directly help feed families in our community. The charity provides food hampers to those in need, food to various charitable kitchens in the city, and meal programs to 10 local schools. The Kamloops Food Bank is also a hub for the entire Kamloops-Thompson area, providing donations to other communities such as Chase, Barriere, and Cache Creek. Food security has become a greater issue since the beginning of the pandemic, and with restrictions to volunteer opportunities, cash donations are more necessary than ever to end hunger in Kamloops.

If you are interested in more information about the Food Bank, Bernadette, or volunteer opportunities, check out and follow the Food Bank on Instagram @kamloopsfoodbank for upcoming community fundraising events.

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