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Vanessa Barlow

17 episodes

Jun 8, 2020

S3 Episode 3 - Thriving in a design team as a designer who writes with Scott Kubie 

“You’re a member of the design team. As part of that team, advocate for words.”

Are you the only writer in a team of visual designers?
Scott Kubie, author of Writing for Designers, shares some of his techniques for collaborating with designers. As well as ways to make the most of your time, he shares ideas on how to proactively demonstrate the value of content and get stakeholders on board with your content strategy. 

May 24, 2020

S3 Episode 2 - Creating NHS content at speed with Olivia Sperring-Jones, Content Lead at NHSX 

Need to create great content fast? Find out how Olivia Sperring-Jones, Content Lead at NHSX, rapidly created content in response to Covid-19. 

Olivia demonstrates how you can turn a service around in just a few weeks while still including essentials like show-and-tell reviews and user research. She shares how her team worked so effectively remotely, including how they utilised Zoom and Miro to share user journeys.

Please note, the Emergency Volunteering Scheme mentioned in the episode is yet to go live.  

May 11, 2020

S3 Episode 1 – Kicking off a digital content design project with Jack Garfinkel, Senior Content Designer at Scope 

Want to introduce content design to your organisation? Jack Garfinkel chats about how he did just that at Scope. From introducing crits and journey mapping, to writing user needs and user research, Jack shares how he started a major content project. He also shares some great tips and insights into how you can involve subject matter experts and other key people in the content process. 

Here are some of the tools Jack mentions:

  • Hotjar for heatmaps
  • Trello kanban board for prioritising work and tracking progress
  • Miro for shared mapping and diagrams
  • Airtable for storing data and insights

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Apr 1, 2019

S2 Episode 6 – Writing for your passion project with Kezia Newson 

We chat to Kezia Newson, co-founder of The Time Ladies and contributor to Doctor Who Magazine about how she balances her passion projects with her commercial writing. Juggling blogging and vloggling with her content roles for organisations like Penguin, Random House and WaterAid, Kezia has some great insight into how writing about what you love can make your commercial content even better. 

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Dec 2, 2018

S2 Episode 4 - How to be an exceptional content designer, with Sarah Richards, creator of the content design discipline 

Sarah Richards, author of 'Content Design' and creator of the content design discipline takes us through some of the key techniques for creating amazing content. She goes through ways to reflect users’ mental models back at them by using their language and their way of thinking. We chat about journey mapping, value mapping, job stories and other ways to ensure you're creating purposeful content and bringing your organisation with you. We also discuss the importance of accessibility and the need for some solid readability guidelines we can all use. 

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Nov 4, 2018

S2 Episode 2 - Applying lean design to content with Owen Priestly, UX Writer at Google 

You’ve heard of lean UX, but have you thought about applying it to content design? Owen Priestly talks about how he transformed his content design practice by adopting lean principles like hypothesis driven design and rapid prototyping. We also chat about the different specialisms in the field and whether it matters if you call yourself a content designer or UX writer. 

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