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Quick Fit Tip: Fitness Tips for Frequent Travelers


You love to exercise but your job requires you to be a road warrior which leads to an interesting conundrum: how do you combine your love of sweating with a job that requires you to live out of hotel rooms? Some hotels have full service health clubs integrated into the property while others barely have a workout room with a few pieces of sad-looking equipment. No matter where you go and what equipment you have access to, you still want to be consistent with your workouts, how can you make that happen?As someone who makes a living traveling the world to teach education workshops to fitness professionals, I have more than a little personal experience in this area, on this Quick Fit Tip I share ideas and suggestions for how you can stay in shape while on the road.First tip:Unless you're focused on a specific goal, working out on the road is about maintenance, it's not the time to focus on muscle growth or fat loss; instead, working out on the road should focus on low-to-moderate intensity type of exercise that can help you feel better without crushing you physically. In short, working out while traveling is more about maintaining your psychological health by being consistent with your routine as opposed to your physiological health - where you are attempting to make drastic changes to your body. Listen to the full episode for more tips. This is a link to my Instagram page: @PeteMcCall_fitness - where I documented my recent 2 week trip to show how to stay fit while living out of hotel rooms in 3 different countries.Here is a blog I wrote on the topic of Road Warrior Fitness for 24 Hour Fitness; NOTE: tip 8 has a link to a video where I show a number of great mobility exercises for your hips and back.This link is to my book: Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple - you will learn workouts using only 1 piece of equipment, one reason I wrote the book is for frequent road warriors who are fitness enthusiasts and want solutions for staying in shape while traveling.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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