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Ep 344: Lessons from My Old Local Bow Shop Owner Ray Wurdinger


Like A lot of people I grew up going down to the local bow shop and drooling over the big mounts, listening to the stories, and most of all seeing all successful pictures posted up on the brag board. I started my archery career at a small bow shop in Balston Oregon. If any of you know where that is I will be impressed. Eventually, that little shop closed down and I had to start going into the bow shop in Salem, about 20 miles away. Ray Wurdinger has been helping me along since well before I had ever put an arrow through anything but a hay bail. Ray was a killer, and had hunted all over, to me he was the most successful hunter I had ever met. On top of that, the guy seems to be the luckiest guy I have still ever met to this day when it comes to drawing tags. I’ll never forget when Ray crushed the archery record for bighorn sheep, what an accomplishment. It was really fun to finally convince him to get on the podcast. It took us years to get him on here so please enjoy because he might not ever do it again. This podcast is brought to you by a new sponsor and a cool piece of gear that I am excited to share with you guys. Based right here in Bozeman the Montana Bow Sling is a is something I have been using for the last year or so. The cool thing I like about the Montana Bow Sling is that is attaches right to most any hunting pack using existing webbing or it can connect to itself like a traditional bow sling. Some guys like slings and some don’t, but I definitely like having one. Whether just covering ground midday or just being able to glass without having to set my bow down they come in really handy. The downside to most slings is that it is one more thing to keep track of and carry. The cool thing with the Montana Bow sling is that it is always attached to my pack so I don’t have to put it away, get it out, or anything in between. On top of that, it only weighs 6-8 ounces depending on what style you go with. Like I mentioned I used this sling all last season and like how it is always available, easy to use and not in the way. Overall a really good piece of gear. Check them out at and use code TRO for 20% off. Today’s podcast is brought to you by another new sponsor I am excited to share with to you guys. Another great guy right here in Bozeman, Razco Holsters has the perfect pistol holster for outdoorsman. The Razco Holster is designed to keep your firearm on you and within reach at all times. If you hunt in grizzly country you know things are getting mighty dangerous these days. The Razco Holster is designed to mount right to your bino harness and can mount to pretty much any bino harness out there. Here is what I love about the holster, I ran this setup all season last year and the nice thing about having your gun mounted on your chest is that you always have it. The problem with having your gun on our belt is that it is constantly weighing down your belt or rubbing on the brush and making excessive noise. The down downside to attaching your to the waist belt on your pack is that half the time you set your pack down to sneak in on an elk. The Razco holster keeps it right there ready to rock, and if nothing else gives me the piece of mind. Weatherproof, comfortable, Lifetime warranty, go get yourself a Razco Holster at and use promo code TRO to save yourself 20% off. Show Notes:  Introduction – 0:04:04 Ray’s Start in Archery & Common Shooting Problems – 0:07:28 Target Shooter to Killer – 0:12:49 Patients or Ambition – 0:22:44 Choosing a Shooter & Whats Next? – 0:28:41 Time Spent – 0:38:44 The Story of Ray’s Record Setting Ram Hunt – 0:46:44 Words of Wisdom From Ray – 1:08:06


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