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EP 352: Ryan Alspach of Warrior Fuel


What’s up ladies and gents, welcome to the podcast. Today I am joined on the podcast by the owner, founder, and chief bottle washer of Warrior Fuel supplements. I’ve followed Ryan and Warrior Fuel for quite some time now and I really appreciate how he is building this company. As a fellow entrepreneur, we talk a lot about business, building a brand and the highs and lows of it all. Ryan also drops a ton of knowledge about supplements and dispells more than a few myths about certain products. As a hardcore hunter himself Ryan understands what exactly we as hunters need and he shares some great advice on what backcountry hunters really need or don’t need. A quick note before we get started if you want to win an elk hunt with me this year head over to and become a patron of the podcast, it’s $5 and you get full access to Wapiti Wednesday, Muley Monday, and 100% ad-free listening to all of our podcast. On top of that, June 5th we are choosing one luck Patron to come elk hunting with me! It’s going to be an epic adventure that’s for sure. Mainly I want to take one person and show them from start to finish how to find elk and get one killed! Sign Up Here Show Notes:  Introduction – 0:06:18 Humble Beginnings – 0:13:35 Products, Branding & Industry Entry – 0:20:35 Deep Dive Into Supplements – 0:32:07 Pre-Workouts vs Energy Drinks – 0:39:03 Season Supplemental Intake – 0:43:30 Hunting & Keto: Pros & Cons – 0:52:41 What Hunting Means to Ryan – 0:59:57 Be Yourself & Make a Positive Impact – 1:06:33 Warrior Fuel Online & Social Media – 1:17:43 Product Recommendations: Warrior Fuel – Core 4  Warrior Fuel – Refuel  NOW Supplements, Full Spectrum Mineral, 240 Veg Capsules Today’s podcast is brought to you by On X the best freaking mapping system out there. I am blown away at how many people still don’t have it. This time of year I spend hours upon hours scouting with my On X maps. With tag draws in full swing it is 100% about getting a good tag and a big piece of getting a good tag is figuring out if you can find a hidden gem. Finding that spot where you can get away from people. That’s why I spend hours combing through the maps. My favorite feature this time of year besides the public-private mapping is the ability to switch form topo to satellite view, or even hybrid. I find certain features are more noticeable when I switch back and forth. I have also set about 10,000 waypoints on my maps marking everything that even remotely looks interesting. The cool part about that is that when I scout with my desktop all of those spots are automatically on my iPhone so when I go to the field I can save my maps and have all of that info. If you don’t have On X you are missing out check it out wherever you get your apps and use theTRO code to get 20% off your membership. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Solo Targets. I pumped about the new solo targets too because I use the crap out of ...


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