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Introducing Hi-Phi Nation: For Women Only


Today we're sharing an episode of another Slate podcast we believe will be of interest to listeners of The Waves: Hi-Phi Nation.It is currently very difficult to get your gender legally changed in the U.K, That might change. In recent months, philosophers have been drafted into making complicated and contentious arguments about what it is to be a man, woman, or any other gender, in the service of advancing or blocking the movement for trans rights and recognition. In particular, it has exposed a conflict between trans-rights advocates and a certain wing of feminism, a conflict that in fact has its roots in America in the 1970s. On this episode, Hi-Phi Nation looks at the historical origins of this conflict by looking at a single event involving two women in the '70s, one of whom founded the gender-abolitionist wing of feminism; the other founded transgender studies. That event, and those ideas, help us to understand the stakes and contentiousness today.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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The “Live From Slate Day” Edition

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The "Communes Are Better" Edition

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The “Old Timey Lesbian” Edition

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Bonus: A New Hope For the Equal Rights Amendment

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The “Emotional Gold Digger” Edition