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Wade Lange - Startups at Purdue

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Join Sal Daher's Investment Syndicate: Click to Join Purdue wants to be Startup U. They are already the #3 university in the US for producing startups, right behind MIT and Columbia. One of my favorite companies, Savran Technologies, came out of Purdue.  I spoke with Wade Lange of Purdue Foundry, responsible for promoting startups at Purdue. Several interesting Purdue startups were discussed. Highlights: Sal Daher Welcomes Listeners and Introduces Wade Lange from Purdue Foundry Wade Lange Was Introduced by Çağrı Savran of “One Cell in a Billion” Fame On Savran Tech: “It's a promising technology. I mean, it's all about capturing really, really rare cells.” Purdue, being a Land Grant College Combines and Excellent School of Agriculture with a Top Engineering Program “…good news for Purdue. We were ranked number three in the country in the number of startup companies in the period of 2008 to 2018 behind your own MIT and Columbia…” “We called it Firestarter, it's a nine week-long program, pretty intense, but it really is kind of the basics of business.” DDX Accelerator Program – All About Identifying & Removing Obstacles “Marc Andreessen said it some years ago that software is eating the world. It actually now is biotech that's eating the world.” Professor Phillip Low, Founder of Endocyte, Launching an Antiviral Company SpeechVive Helps Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Communicate Reliably Spensa Technologies Is Applying Machine Vision to Identifying Insects, Weeds and Other Problems in Agriculture Perceive Inc. Helps Retailers Identify Patterns in Stores Sal Daher Talks About His Investment Syndicate Wade Lange’s Entrepreneurial Journey “I would rather be a big fish in a small pond was my thinking. So, I joined a startup was started by a couple of faculty members, at Purdue.” How Wade Lange Came to the Purdue Foundry “Purdue’s President Daniels wants Purdue to be known as startup U, okay.” Sal Daher Makes a Plug for Purdue as a Great Place to Be an Undergrad “…my connection to Çağrı came because of my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is a patent attorney at Fish and Richardson.” “…founding entrepreneurs who have deep relationships with 25 other founders, 10 industry experts, and eight investors. They had double the revenue growth of founders who didn't.” Wade Lange on the Advantages of Growing Your Startup Near Purdue  

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