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More Season 3 Updates, and New Show!

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

TV & Film

As continued thanks to Mars Patel fans waiting for season three, we’re giving you a sneak-peak of a new show, Becoming Mother Nature. It launches September 14th, so if you enjoy what you hear, please search Becoming Mother Nature in your podcast app, and head over to subscribe. The show will release every Friday, and when you subscribe, you’ll never miss an episode when it becomes available. Did you know Mars Patel is part of an amazing community of family-friendly shows? Visit to listen.

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Listen to Mars Patel Book Available Oct 6th! Exclusive Interview!

Mars Patel Book Available Oct 6th! Exclusive Interview!

Oct 3, 2020
Listen to Mars Patel First Listen

Mars Patel First Listen

Sep 21, 2016
Listen to S1 E1: Code Red

S1 E1: Code Red

Oct 2, 2016
Listen to S1 E2: Consequences

S1 E2: Consequences

Oct 10, 2016
Listen to S1 E3: Gale Island

S1 E3: Gale Island

Oct 10, 2016