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This week, Mark becomes a game publisher and a PAX speaker, Ellen builds a desk and reads a book, and Stephen learns his lesson (almost). Color Jumper is available on Switch NOW! Our live episode for 2D Con is up on YouTube! The audio will be in the regular feed next week. Mark will be part of the PAX Online panel "Lovely or Lethal: Will these animals cuddle me or kill me?" on Thursday, September 17th at 6:30pm CT. PAX Online is free for all on Twitch. Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards - Yu-kai Chou Online Events 0:10:15 Mark LaCroix Category Events IRL The 2021 Game Developers Conference will try to go physical again - but now in … - Sean Hollister , The Verge The ESA sets dates for E3 2021 - Rebekah Valentine , Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Raises $2.3 Million - Adam Bankhurst , IGN We referred to our recent episode featuring Jamaican developer Glen Henry: Indie Dev During the Pandemic We also mentioned Filipino developer Ryan Sumo, who we spoke with in: Gamedev in the Philippines As sexual abuse allegations flood in, the world of video games faces a reckoning - Mark Serrels , cnet Documentation 0:36:05 Stephen McGregor Category Game Design Production Tools Putting comments in code: the good, the bad, and the ugly - Bill Sourour , freeCodeCamp What Is Performance Support And Why Should You Use Performance Support Tools? - Asha Pandey , eLearning Industry The perfect client brief: Does it exist? - Oliver McAteer , Campaign US


Listen to Media Influences (with Xalavier Nelson Jr.)

Media Influences (with Xalavier Nelson Jr.)

Listen to Nice Games Jam:

Nice Games Jam: "Roboston! (Live at 2D Con 2020!)"

Listen to Programming VR Games (with Jonathan Jennings)

Programming VR Games (with Jonathan Jennings)

Listen to Last-minute promo: We're LIVE tonight on Twitch!

Last-minute promo: We're LIVE tonight on Twitch!

Listen to Evil Games Club 5!

Evil Games Club 5!