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Indie Dev During the Pandemic (with Glen Henry)

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In this episode, Mark and Stephen are joined by guest host Adia Alderson for a thoughtful conversation with Glen Henry, an indie developer out of Jamaica. Glen runs Spritewrench Studios and has released multiple creative titles like M@ge (pronounced "Mage") and Grimm and Tonic. The club talks about Glen’s current projects, as well as creative processes, maintaining community during COVID-19, and re-imagining the visual novel. Also, Adia defines a game genre with food-like products, Mark brings up cozy bunkers, and everyone’s a crusty old developer.  Meta GIG - Games Industry Gathering University of West Indies GGJ site   Glen Henry Category Game Design   Check out Glen's games on and Steam!  We talked about most of these titles during the episode: Grimm and Tonic Questlike Hail SHLD FLNG M@ge Shiny Gauntlet Questlike Pocket (coming soon) Find Glen's art on his ArtStation page (NSFW) and watch him speed paint on his YouTube channel.   Additional links and resources Ren.js - "a new videogame engine for making Visual Novels that run directly in the web browser. Based on Ren'Py and powered by PhaserJS, it's easy to use and easy to extend." Winter Wolves Games - Developer of visual novels, dating sims, and RPGs. Narrascope Conference - Conference, Discord chat, game jam, and more.   Zach Gage's wise tweet about making small games - Twitter Grimm & Tonic Webcomic - Spritewrench The Kindaichi Case Files (Manga) - Kodansha Kinetic Novel - TV Tropes Isekai - Wikipedia Guest Glen Henry runs Spritewrench, a one-man powerhouse micro-studio out of Kingston, Jamaica. He specializes in small titles with unique ideas and strong narrative elements. Find him at and on Twitter @SpriteWrench. You can get his games on and Steam. 

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