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Anxiety & Humor - Jordan Reid

Warning: The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. (Explicit / Mature content)


The hilarious blogger/author of Ramshackle Glam and The Big Activity Book For Anxious People shares about her battles with anxiety, relationships and being replaced as the creator and lead actress on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She and Paul also get into some fun Fears and Loves.   More About Jordan Reid   Support Our Sponsors!  This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To get a free week go to  Must be 18.  This episode is sponsored by SquareSpace.  For a free trial go to and when you're ready to launch use offer code MENTAL Paul's SquareSpace page of music and dog pictures is This episode is sponsored by AuraFrames.  For $50 off go to and use offer code MENTALILLNESS at checkout. This episode is sponsored by Bill Nye's new podcast Science Rules.  Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.    Other Links Mentioned   WAYS TO HELP THE PODCAST ______________________ Subscribe via iTunes and leave a review.  It costs nothing. ————————————————————————— Spread the word via social media.   It costs nothing. Our website is our FB is and our Twitter and Instagram are both @Mentalpod  -------------------------------------------------------- Become a much-needed Patreon monthly-donor (with occasional rewards) for as little as $1/month at    Become a one-time or monthly donor via Paypal  or Zelle (make payment to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Try Our Sponsor’s Products/Services ---------------------------------------------------  


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