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21 episodes

Nov 16, 2020

EP 55: Use Your Sex Energy to Create the Life of Your Dreams with Michael McPherson 

**If you haven't yet listened to our last one you don't want to miss it, the link will be listed below Michael is back for his 3rd appearance on FYP, this time as a published author with a powerful message of sexual evolution and shifting the paradigms of how we look at sex. His new book, "Everything You Never Learned About Sex: he joins us to share some of the most important aspects of the book. Show Topics: -vulnerability -sexual liberation -effects of porn -father wounds -what it looks like for men to embrace their feminine -sex energy as a powerful technology of our bodies -using sex energy to create amazing things in your life -erotic innocence -releasing karma through the harnessing of sex energy -giving yourself a lingam massage (for the guys) -manifesting your dream home in maui through sex magic And lots of other good stuff! For more info on Michael head to: *Links to purchase the book* You can order the medicine I drink every morning (Cacao)that I use to drop into my heart and set my intentions through Michael and Mackenzies non profit company Fly Kakao here: Link to our last episode:

Sep 1, 2020

EP 51: Break Your Self Help Addiction and Step Into the Oneness with Brian Ridgway 

Brian Ridgway is the creator of the Level 5 Mentorship Program and author of: Break Your Self Help Addiction: The 5 Keys to Total Personal Freedom Brian invested decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars into personal development to only find himself experiencing the same pain and patterns he always had. The Self-Help "Industry" is a massive industry generating billions each year and growing. In many ways it has shifted into more of a profit oriented genre that in many ways keeps you continuing to feel like you're not there and to keep signing up and joining different programs. In this conversation Brian shares his story about what ACTUALLY led him to breaking free from those patterns. I vibed out with this conversation because I am insane when it comes to research on all things growth and expansion and so much of what he shared is completely in alignment with what I've found. I thoroughly enjoyed his book, in many ways it was an activation of energy as I was reading it that made me feel empowered and balanced. Show Notes: -Train wreck life of repeated patters of suffering to stepping into and realizing the miracle -Potential undesirable effects on people who label themselves as empaths -How to really become aware of resistance and move into a state of allowing and creation -Going from little me my story and problems to the unlimited infinite one that I am -How spells (how we perceive the world)are dictating our entire reality, what we think and what we believe is what we project out as reality. To get his new book FREE and access to everything else he's doing visit: Join Brian's free private Facebook group where he does lives every day of inspiring and heart centered content Sign up for his webinar experience

Aug 3, 2020

EP 50: Activating The Inner Blueprint with Arianna Noelle 

Special guest Arianna Noelle graces us with her presence for episode 50 of FYP I first met Arianna at The Bridge Experience, a powerful and very transformative personal development & leadership 3 day workshop facilitated by Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos. Arianna to me was one of the people who was most powerfully stepping into her leadership and unfolding her greater potential throughout the weekend. We recently completed a 30 day meditation challenge where we started each morning with a Dr. Joe Dispenza guided meditation centered around creating the feeling of the optimal you. It was a very potent lesson in commitment, accountability, and the results/rewards you receive from that. Arianna offers 1:1 work where she serves as a guide to bridge you from who you think you are (ego) to who you incarnated to be (soul/true Self). She does this through potent, catalyzing one-on-one work combining spirituality, Jungian psychology, somatic healing, and advanced energetics; full-spectrum education for the authentic path in an online format of courses and classes; writing, music, and visual art that stirs the heart beyond rational comprehension. Arianna's journey has involved taking the role of many inauthentic and stifling identities; now she teaches that road blocks are turn signals, the body is a highly intelligent organism constantly calling us to greater well being and balance, and we each have a mission that can be listened for and lived out, among other things. Show Notes -Identifying our programming (where our light was dimmed early on in life) -lighting up and activating the blue print inside of us -curiously letting our identities unfold rather than being fixed -Getting crystal clear on what lights you up -helping the psyche to feel a sense of safety in moving into the unknown -Creating boundaries with our own ego’s -engaging our vices with curiosity and tenderness And more! You can explore working with Arianna or ask her what an Earth Angel is on Instagram @angelic.activations Delve into some of her personal journey publicly shared @starianna.noelle ; And take a peek at Alignment Academy or join the free Abundance 8-Day Upgrade at

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