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Oct 29, 2020

Episode 013 - What is Aquaponics? How a circular urban agricultural system can provide social and environmental benefits. - an Interview with Aaron Flora 

In this episode of Environmentality. I sit down and chat with Aaron Flora, Renewable Farms Founder and CEO, about aquaponics. Aquaponics is an urban agricultural system that combines: aquaculture, the production of aquatic species like tilapia, catfish or shellfish, and hydroponics, the production of plants without soil. We chat about aquaponics as a tool in the toolbox for sustainable agriculture and international development, but not a one-size-fits-all solution, as it has some drawbacks. Aaron discusses how in it's appropriate context in urban areas, such as Orange County, aquaponics can and has led to generating local produce for  food insecure areas, along with numerous social benefits.

At the Riverbed Farm, a local mega-aquaponics farm, operated by Aaron and Renewable Farms, there are several after-school, volunteer, internship and employment programs for kids, students, homeless, people with disabilities, veterans and the elderly. The Riverbed Farm in Anaheim, followed by two new farms opening up in Aliso Viejo and Fullerton, in the coming year, will continue to serve both people and planet, by creating a space for people to get married, hold events and interact with nature and farming, while it produces tons of food (both fish and veggies) for local food banks and educational/therapeutic opportunities for all.

Aaron and I also chat about our converging paths, when he took me to Panama as a kid, and then later in college, employed me and taught me about aquaponics. Aaron continues to mentor and train numerous people in OC about this urban ag technology.

To learn more about Renewable Farms and the Riverbed Farm in Anaheim, click here.
Check out their instagram here: @TheRiverbedFarm

If you are interested in learning how to farm aquaponics or applying to work at any of the farms, contact Aaron at:

Oct 22, 2020

Episode 012 - What is How an online platform can revolutionize your shopping habits for a more sustainable planet. 

In this episode of Environmentality. I interview Tara Jafarmadar Mujica, CEO and one of the co-founders at, an online shopping platform that hosts sustainable products and businesses. The goal of Susty? To simplify and enhance the transparency of your shopping habits, by providing you information about the social, environmental, health and innovating aspects of the product/business you are supporting/buying from. On the show, we discuss the issue of "fast fashion," built obsolescence, and the need for long-lasting, environmentally friendly products.

Futhermore, Tara addresses the two main issues of our consumption: disposability and a lack of external costs factored into the price of our products. promotes companies that are addressing these two main issues. Finally, I ask, "can we really consume our way to sustainability?" Tune in to hear how Tara beautifully addresses this point and how wants to tackle consumption as a whole.

To check out and shop on, click here.
To connect with Tara, click here

Oct 15, 2020

Episode 011 - What is Reef-Safe Sunscreen? How Tropic Sport seeks to mitigate coral bleaching and negative human health impacts of chemical sunscreen. 

In this interview of Environmentality., Tony Palmer, co-founder and CEO of Tropic Sport, joins me to talk about their alternative sunscreen that is formulated with natural compounds to promote healthy reefs and bodies. Warming temperatures and ocean acidification have led to coral bleaching in recent years, but another contributing factor to coral bleaching, are chemical sunscreens. Particular chemicals, such as oxybenzone, can have vast negative impacts on coral reefs and aquatic wildlife, to which we discuss at length about.

Furthermore, these chemicals are harmful for your body as well, making Tropic Sport a company that promotes holistic health for the planet and you. Tony and I also chat about their conviction to be sustainable throughout the supply chain, reducing plastic waste, promoting recyclable material and leading this charge for other companies to follow.

We also discuss the holistic benefits of coral reefs, rising skin cancer incidence and legislation being imposed across the U.S. to prevent toxic chemicals in our sunscreens.

To learn more about Tropic Sport and purchase their products, click here.

Click here to connect with Tony Palmer.

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