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''And at all an appalling thing music. What is it? I do not understand. What is music? What she does? And why does she do what she does? They say music works in a uplifting way-nonsense, not true! It acts, terrible acts, I'm talking to myself, but not to elevate the soul. It acts in neither uplifting nor demeaning ways, but in an irritating way. As you say? Music makes me forget myself, my true position, it takes me to some other, not my position: under the influence of music it seems to me that I feel something that I, in fact, do not feel that I understand what I do not understand, that I can do what I can not. I explain this by saying that music acts like yawning, like laughter: I do not want to sleep, but I yawn, looking at yawning, there is nothing to laugh about, but I laugh, hearing laughing. It, music, from, directly carries me to the mental state in which I was the one who wrote the music. I merge with his soul and with him transferred from one state to another, but why I do it, I do not know. Lev Tolstoy '' Partner Channels :