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17 episodes

Dec 3, 2020

Defining Your Style | Follow Your Instincts 

When you buy something truly great 27:51

Traditional design 6:16
Transitional style 10:00
Contemporary versus modern 19:45
Jess’s style 31:15
Learn about traditional design 37:21

“You guys have instincts. You know what you love when you see it. You know what you love when you smell it. You know what you don’t love when you see it.” 35:20

Nov 26, 2020

Holiday Decorating | Get the Mood Lift You Need 

It's time! Today we are going to give you tips on how you can get your decorations to stand out this season. We take a tour of each space, starting with the entry scene: We vote using real garlands outside around your door so as people arrive they can see and smell it when they arrive. Put a diffuser near the entryway with a nice seasonal fragrance to invite the holiday spirit. In the entertaining area and kitchen, we like to use a large bowl of winter fruit such as oranges and other citrus for a colorful accent and festive feel. Don't forget some great smelling & looking soaps at your sink. For your tree, get more ornaments than you think you need so you have plenty to work with. We love to put garland on mantles, draped asymmetrically to give it a very designer look and feel. Don't forget the music, it will be the bow on the whole package. We have made a playlist for you here: 1:20
The entry scene 3:57
Ornaments 10:12
The mantle 21:35
Stockings 26:38
The entertaining area 28:24
Some favorite foods, recipes, and traditions 33:06

“And it’s just so fun when you have someone come over to make them a beautiful drink. So just have those things on hand. Have some cheeses, have some beautiful fruits to pair with those, have chocolate, have just all the fun things that you want to feel the season. Go to the grocery store and just feel it out and see what you’re feeling like and that you’ll be excited to share those things with your guests and your family.” 32:26
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Nov 19, 2020

Living in Linen | Ed Reisert of Libeco 

In this episode we have with us Edward Reisert, the National Sales Director of Libeco Home who is going to be talking to us about linens. Ed tells us the origin story of their linens and what defines the quality. We talk about the many different benefits of living in linen from a study showing people who sleep in linen, sleep 20% better to how this fabric helps your body thermoregulate and is 8 times more absorbent than cotton. We also get some tips on the wear and tear of linen, how long it lasts and how to care for it.

Shop our linen collection here:

Background on the origin of linen and what separates Ed’s company 2:06
The benefits of sleeping with linen sheets 7:11
Linen towels 14:40
Wear and tear of linen 26:01

“We as Americans grow cotton here. So it is the fabric of our lives and it has fabulous usage for our lives, and I’m not going to knock cotton because I use it. I’m wearing it from head to toe right now, but it’s got its limitations and it’s where I think linen takes off is in the home textile arena in particular. The ability for it to give us these functions with as light a footprint on the planet that it does, we think that’s just the perfect recipe for a home textile.” 24:53
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Nov 12, 2020

Kitchen Styling | Beautify the Heart of your Home 

Today we’re talking about styling your kitchen. The place to start, the island. We will tell you a few tricks to wrangling the little things that tend to occupy large kitchen surfaces and some styling tips to keep things fresh and seasonal. We address the stove and give recommendations for what to put on the wall behind your stove and ways to incorporate a painting or a cutting board. If you have open shelves or a deep window sill we like to use these to display dishes and keep them accessible. Be sure you are displaying pretty cookbooks to add to the culinary aesthetic. Your sink styling should have pretty bottles paired with your favorite scents. Use this link to stock up on great product and receive a free gift with purchase: 1:10
Vase, tray, and bowl 5:46
The stove 8:23
If you have a shelf 14:20
Recipe cards 26:11
Mixing bowls 28:14
Candles 30:35

“This is a really personal thing that you can do because it’s the kitchen, food is personal. It just brings us back to a place. And so with grandma’s silver dishes go ahead and grab her recipe cards, or your mother’s, and the more oil spills and flour and stuff that they have on them, because they’ve been loved and used, the better. I think it makes it so beautiful to frame” 26:48
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Nov 5, 2020

Taking Your Vision to the Finish Line | Be Authentic and Bold 

Today we’re talking about taking your vision to the finish line, or following through with your dream. We share some insight into a unique, wonderful project we worked on years ago, which the owner didn’t want us to share until just recently. This man wanted us to design a chandelier room, which we felt was a terrible idea, but he insisted it would be great, so we took it upon ourselves to do the best we could and turned it into something amazing. When painting, it doesn’t necessarily cost more because you’re going to have to redo it all anyway, so you’re better off to be courageous and bold when venturing into your new design. “The best color in the world is the one that looks the best on you.” It’s exhilarating to get to do something great and authentic, and it’s like jumping off the high dive as opposed to just the regular diving board.

The project we worked on 4:42
Have courage and conviction in your design 16:28
Reach further than the mainstream 26:32
Painting one wall can really make a difference 34:57
Surround yourself with bigger ideas than just what are in your head 37:52

“I like [the client’s] confidence. Not only to say this to you, to be like this is what this room should be, but also his confidence to not care about what anyone is going to think coming into this space. I think a lot of the time a lot of people let outside opinions outside of their household affect the things they do in their own home.” 14:21
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Oct 29, 2020

Memory Lane | Celebrating Our Design Evolution 

In this episode we're celebrating two major milestones with the one year anniversary of the podcast launch and 12 years in this business. We started Alice Lane because we saw a spot in the market locally that wasn't being represented. We talk about what we have learned over the years from our successes and mistakes. It started as a store front and has grown to a full service design firm that has been around long enough that we are seeing repeat customers. One of the most valuable things we have learned is that you don't need to feel insecure about your ideas or your own unique design, but get comfortable with getting creative and letting your imagination flow.

Opening a store 3:31
Greatness comes from mutual desire for greatness 19:51
When you buy something truly great 27:51
Let people do what they’re best at 33:42

“We’ve worked with people, often when we’re starting to work with a client and we’re building a new home, we ask them, ‘Do you have anything from your previous home you want us to catalogue and make sure we include?’ And the majority of the time they say, ‘No, we want to start all over.’ And in my heart I kind of sink a little bit because I’m like, ‘Dang it.’ They’ve obviously invested in pieces, but none of it is important enough. There’s no memory tied to it to bring it to this new house.” 33:09
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Oct 22, 2020

The Mud Hall | The Hardest Working Room In The House 

Today we talk about one of the hardest working rooms in the house, the mud room. A space that sees all the comings and goings in the household and is your entry & exit. There are a few tricks to organizing this space and contain the mess. Start with a large format tile floor with a walk off mat on the garage side and a nicer rug inside the house. We suggest using plenty of hooks so you don't overload them and putting them above your bench where it will become difficult to sit down. Be sure to include drawers to contain the mess and some open shelves where you can have easy access to the things that come and go often. If you include lockers, they should be wide to avoid things getting shoved in there, and being difficult to remove. A great trick is to include a mirror to check yourself on your way in and out, highlighted with a great light fixture. Give this room good light because inevitably it’s a place you're going to be searching for stuff.

The ground floor 2:51
Storage 9:05
Hooks 15:15
Depth and width 24:34

“We love a playful tile and so this is a way to not just kind of phone it in and get a beige porcelain tile. I always think of a gas station, that’s generally what they’re going to use is something that’s like a fake travertine… I have a natural limestone in two different colors and I’ve made a playful pattern out of it. Large format is going to be your friend because you’re gonna have less grout joints that you have to try and scrub all that soccer cleat mud out of.” 8:13
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Oct 15, 2020

Living Room Space Planning | The Art & Romance of a Room 

In this episode we define and describe. space planning and give some examples of how to arrange your space to inspire conversation. Space planning is a critical part of the design process and we find that often architects don’t create the right amount of space for your furniture because they use generalized sizes, not specific to your furniture selections. You’ll want to work with the architects and figure out how much space you'll actually need for your style so that your home can tell your personal story. We talk about how to situate your room depending on what you want your focus to be. A reoccurring piece of advice is to not let your room get to “leggy,” otherwise everything looks too tall and like it’s about to tip over. To be successful, make sure you are considering the different vantage points in the room and how you want to build the social interactions in the space.

What is space planning? 1:54
Fireplace and rugs 8:04
Chairs 11:26
Space planning for a room with a corner fireplace 19:13
How important are sectionals 24:57
Indoor trees 29:50

“I just wanted to give you guys the permission to not have to have every single thing in a room be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be. There are certain pieces in a room, and this one is probably not the perfect space plan to talk about that, but sometimes you have a little chair by a fireplace and that chair’s job is to be sculptural and beautiful and just fun to look at. Maybe on occasions somebody’s going to go perch there because they’re completing the conversation circle, but it’s really just a perch and its silhouette is just doing its job. Not everything has to sit like a lazy boy. Not everything has to sit like a sectional.” 14:53
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