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How to heal your body with Ayurvedic wisdom

Jul 21, 2022

Today’s episode is about how to heal your body through ayurvedic wisdom.
Dr. Vatsala Sperling, MS, PhD, PDHom, CCH, RSHom, was the Chief of Clinical Microbiology services at a children’s hospital in Chennai, India, when she published extensively and conducted research with WHO, Denmark.
On moving to the USA to start a family, Vatsala pursued an education in Homeopathy with Misha Norland’s school. She is an author of ten books including her latest is The Ayurvedic Reset Diet.
She can be reached via her website: www.Rochesterhomeopathy.com
We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What the word Ayuverdic means? And what is the “Ayuverdic perspective”?
✅ What it means to live and eat with the seasons
✅ Some of the major principles of the ayurvedic reset diet
✅ What the doshas are and why they are important to understand
✅ If we can start immediately and lean into ayurvedic principles
✅ Some of the challenges we might have when starting an ayurvedic diet
✅ Some of her daily go-to herbs

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