Gateways to Awakening
Gateways to Awakening is a gateway for your own spiritual journey. Today, people are suffering from stress and anxiety like no other time in history. Mental illness is on the rise, and people are either self-medicating or numbing out with a variety of distractions. In one on one conversations with leading experts in wellness and spirituality, Gateways to Awakening will share best practices and offer a gateway to help those who are interested to expand their awareness and consciousness. We’ll be asking these questions and more: How can we become more connected to ourselves and bring greater awareness to our lives? How can we connect with our own voice and intuition and be on the highest life path possible? Is there a greater intelligence, a primordial, intuitive intelligence, beyond just what we can access through our five senses today? For the modern-day seekers, Gateways to Awakening asks these questions and explores conversations with experts in their fields. I’ll be talking to a variety of guests from Ph.D. academics in Reiki, Shiatsu, binaural beats, Chinese medicine practitioners, mystics, and even one of the leading experts on The Secret. I ask that you stay curious with me, as we navigate these questions and more with our guests. This is your journey, so pay attention to what makes you feel expansive and lighter.
Taqat Hob | طاقة حب
طاقة حب بودكاست توعوي يهدف إلى نشر المزيد من النور والحب في كافة أنحاء العالم العربي وذلك من خلال معالجة كافة المواضيع الحياتية اليومية المرتكزة على مبدأ الطاقة. تقدم لنا ميراي حمال الاختصاصية في العلاج بالريكي مواضيع عديدة ومختلفة من صلب حياتنا اليومية تشرح فيها كيف يمكن للإنسان أن يطور ويحسن حياته على كافة الأصعدة من خلال فهم مبدأ الطاقة وكيفية انعكاسها على مسار حياتنا. للتواصل مع ميراي:
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