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How to hack your mind for happiness with Sean Webb

Mar 28, 2024

Today’s episode is with Sean Webb who wrote a book about hacking happiness.
Figuring out how to explain how the human mind works has had some interesting side effects. It turns out that the same model Sean uses to explain the human mind to MHH students also has some amazing applications in the world of Artificial Emotional Intelligence. Using his understanding of mind and deep mind, Sean has developed the first ever Algorithms of Human Emotion that are not reliant on biosensors.

These will soon to be used to not only create simulated Turing test passing emotional responses in artificial personalities (think; C-3PO), but they will also be used to help create functional empathy and compassion in computer logic and their applications. This will not only make computers more user friendly and emotionally intelligent, it may also just save us from a rogue artificial general intelligence from accidentally or intentionally bringing an end to the human race. Either way, if Sean knows the human mind well enough to help computers understand how our minds work, he can certainly help you learn how to hack yours to your greatest personal benefit.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅What inspired him to write a book about mind hacking and happiness?
✅His personal journey and motivations?
✅ "Mind Hacking Happiness Vol I," and the key concepts it explores.
✅ How is our mind “hackable”?
✅ The "Code of the Human Mind." - what this code is and how it influences our happiness and well-being
✅ How understanding the neuroscience of happiness helps individuals improve their overall quality of life
✅The importance of "inner control" and "emotional regulation."

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