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How to live a life of joy and connect with your soul with Ron Carson "Omani"

Mar 21, 2024

Today’s episode is with Ron Carson (Omani), the Founder and CEO of Carson Group, a leading financial services company serving financial advisors and investors through its three businesses: Carson Wealth, Carson Coaching, and Carson Partners.

All three organizations are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, but serve a broad base of advisors and investors across the United States and Canada.

Ron is also a New York Times bestselling author, one of only two advisors ever inducted into the inaugural Barron’s Hall of Fame, an award-winning entrepreneur, a dynamic keynote speaker, and a passionate philanthropist.

Expanding his impact beyond the boardroom, Ron has become an influential voice in activating and accelerating social and environmental change, pursuing his mission to “do the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people.”

He and his wife, Jeanie, co-founded the Dreamweaver Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling end-of-life dreams for seniors with terminal illness.

More recently, Ron has advanced a global movement to feed the hungry (through partnership with No Hungry Children), provide access to clean water to those in need (through partnership with charity: water), and support individuals suffering from mental health challenges through various initiatives designed to help people transcend from scarcity, isolation and loneliness to abundance by living out their full potential.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ Key strategies he recommends for individuals looking to achieve personal and professional growth
✅ How effective leadership contributes to an individual's journey of achieving their full potential
✅ What is ImagineOR? What was your inspiration for creating this gathering?
✅ Why impact is such a big part of his life now, and his own personal journey
✅ His invovelent with some impact organizations like No Hungry Children and Charity: water
✅ In what ways he sees technology intersecting with consciousness, and how can advancements in AI and quantum physics influence personal and societal transformation

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