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How to create healthy relationship dynamics and communicate clearly with Sylvie Khoucasian

Nov 17, 2022

Today’s episode is about How to create healthy relationship dynamics and communicate clearly with Silvy Khoucasian, a Relationship Coach and a Writer. Her heart mission is to support people in being deeply and soulfully self-connected and to use their self-awareness to create relationships that feel nourishing and supportive.

Silvy guides others to get to know themselves in a collaborative and empowering way and teaches people ways to strengthen their communication skills, their capacity to be vulnerable, and their ability to create healthy and compassionate boundaries. She has been deeply invested in her own personal healing journey over the last decade and highly values being an eternal student.

I recently took her course on boundaries and found it to be incredibly helpful.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What is a boundary and how can we create healthy boundaries?
✅ You talk about how, a ”safe relational container can sometimes push people towards patterns of avoidance because they may not know how to manage/cope with the depth of mirroring and vulnerability that intimate relationships often come with.”
✅ Some of the major misconceptions people have about boundaries? And what about in a couple?
✅ What is the difference between a “request” and a “requirement” and why do so many people confuse these terms so much? What’s an example of a request and a requirement?
✅ Some of the cultural differences Sylvie has noticed when it comes to relationships?
✅ How have things changed in relationship since the start of the pandemic, and how do you imagine things will continue to change?

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