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How to be a confident photographer and unlock your creative self with Erin Outdoors

Feb 8, 2024

Today’s episode is with Erin Sullivan, known as “Erin Outdoors”. Erin Sullivan’s photography is an exploration in wonder, creativity, and awe.

Throughout her career, Erin has traveled to over 40 countries photographing landscapes and crafting stories from around the world built on curiosity and a desire to create connection.

When she's not photographing the great outdoors, she's creating Our Great Indoors, a wondrous miniature series that blurs the line between real and imagined. Using everything from vegetables to jello, large outdoor spaces are re-invented into miniature scenes and viewers are invited to re-think the way they see the world, and their place in it. Erin and her work have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, The Drew Barrymore Show, and the TED stage. She believes that life provides each of us with an interdisciplinary education and encourages us all to use it intentionally.

Everything about her can be found on her website, www.erinoutdoors.com

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What photography means to her
✅ Where she draws inspiration from when she’s behind the camera
✅ What her creative process looks like when she approaches a new photography project
✅ What photography equipment she considers essential, and what she recommends for someone just starting in photography
✅ How travel influences her creative vision, and what advice she has for photographers on the road
✅ Some of her favorite places that she’s visited and taken photos - and why

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