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Why alchemy matters in the human experience with Nick Grossenbacher

Jun 13, 2024

In today’s episode, I speak with Nick Grossenbacher, who first encountered and became enamored with the subject of alchemy more than 15 years ago while working on a PhD in late classical and medieval Middle Eastern history. Not content with a purely scholarly approach, Nick set up a home laboratory to replicate processes described in medieval Arabic and Syriac texts. His passion for alchemy deepened through his studies with teacher Robert Bartlett, leading him to explore global alchemical traditions.

Nick's journey took a practical turn when he collaborated with a naturopathic clinic, developing custom formulas for patients with acute skin issues. This work inspired him to create a company focused on alchemical wellness products, particularly topicals. At the onset of the pandemic, Nick left his teaching career to start Rare Earth Alchemy, where he now fulfills his dream of conducting daily work in a fully equipped alchemical research and production lab.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅Defining Alchemy: Understand what alchemy is and its significance today.
✅Discover practical examples of alchemical processes in everyday life.
✅ Learn about evidence-based approaches to alchemy using the scientific method.
✅21st-Century Innovations: Explore how modern tools and techniques advance traditional alchemical practices.
✅Understand the intersection of alchemy with contemporary medical and wellness practices.

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