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What is the feral femme and why we need to pay attention to cultural changes with Dr. Maytha Alhassen

Aug 24, 2023

On today’s episode, I’ll be speaking with Maytha Alhassen, PhD, - a Co-Executive Producer for Golden Globe and Peabody-winning Hulu series Ramy and serves as an Executive Producer for the upcoming docuseries American Muslims: A History Revealed. She is a Harvard Religion and Public Life Fellow in Media and Entertainment, a USC Civic Media Fellow, and an Open Society Fellow focused on cultivating a TV show model that incubates more just stories.

Alhassen primarily sees her labor as that of a freedom doula and an engaged wit/h/ness reviving the traditions of the feral femme. She is a historian, TV writer + producer, journalist, arts-based social justice organizer, and mending practitioner.
As a scholar, Alhassen holds a Ph.D. in American studies and Ethnicity from University of Southern California, MA in Socio-cultural Anthropology from Columbia University.

Maytha is a dear friend and we dive deep into the world of the feminine - and what it means to be a feral femme.

We talk about the following and so much more:

✅ Her overall perspective on being able to create our own reality
✅ What is the feral femme, and why understanding the divine feminine is important
✅ Why the feminine been suppressed for so long
✅ Why she thinks men should help lower a womens’ cortisol levels
✅ How we can connect with our feminine when so much of the western working world rewards masculine traits
✅ How we can balance both our masculine and feminine sides

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