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How to align and integrate with your highest self with Didier Sylvain

Jan 12, 2023

Today’s episode is with Didier Sylvain, a life alignment coach, leadership trainer, and creative healing practitioner based in Los Angeles. His life mission is to create and hold transformative learning spaces for people to claim their power and give their greatest gifts to the world.

He leads Coherence, a leadership activation experience for creatives of color, as well as other deep dive programs that guide individuals and groups to become fuller and more integrated versions of themselves.

He has coached and taught leadership at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Notre Dame.

Didier is also a multidisciplinary artist, music producer, a Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology (Columbia University), and a certified practitioner of sound healing and qigong.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What it means to create an intentional business
✅ Some of the most important pathways to growth as an entrepreneur
✅ Why do so many businesses and entrepreneurs fail?
✅ His methodology for helping leaders achieve their goals
✅ How to deal with adversity and change as an entrepreneur
✅ How much of his spiritual world is aligned with his business world
✅ Some of the biggest blocks to success that he has seen in his work

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