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How to cultivate self-love and connect with your inner-healer with David Elliott

Dec 29, 2022

Today’s episode on Gateways to Awakening is with David Elliott. After a move to LA from Kentucky to pursue acting David met with mystic healer Tim Heath. Afterwards, Elliott connected the dots of many chance meetings with strangers—people claiming they had been sent to him for “healing” by their guru in India or their psychic in New York.

With the help of Tim, David learned to recognize his unique ability to feel, move and shift stuck energy; the healing work soon became his passion and the “reluctant” phase of his life dissipated. By 1997, his acting career had successfully transitioned to a full time career working as a healing artist.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ Why he calls himself “The Reluctant Healer”.
✅ What energy means to him and what his energetic gifts are
✅ Tools we can use to clear ourselves and get grounded - and why breathwork is so important
✅ Why is self-love such an important vehicle for healing?
✅ The difference between the mental level, the emotional level, and the spiritual level

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