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The embodied male, how to show up in your life and relationships with Dominick Quartuccio

Sep 22, 2022

On today's show, I speak with Dominick Quartuccio, the founder of The Great Man Within, a community of masterminds for men working on personal leadership, cultivating depth, and finding purpose.

The Great Man Within is also a podcast with over 300 episodes on high-performance habits, redefining masculinity, and intentional lifestyle design. Dominick is the author of two books: 1) Design Your Future: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Start Living and 2) On Purpose Leadership: Master the Art of Leading Yourself to Inspire and Impact Others. His work has been featured in the NY Times, NPR, and the TEDx stage.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ Some of the biggest misconceptions women have about men
✅ What it means to be an embodied male
✅ How he coaches men to find their purpose
✅ How men can show up as their best selves in their relationships
✅ What it means to show up authentically in relationships
✅ What it means to be a great leader, and how you coach men on showing up as leaders
✅ What some of the major misconceptions men have about women

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