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The Pristine Blueprint: Reversing disease and improving longevity with Dr. Beth McDougall

Jul 28, 2022

On today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Beth McDougall, MD who has been in medical practice since 1998 and is founder and medical director of the Integrative Medical Clinic, CLEAR Center of Health, serving the San Francisco, Bay area since 2002. Dr. McDougall is the co-founder and medical director of the cutting edge, bio-optimization Lab, Jyzen Labs opening May 2022.

Dr. McDougall is currently architecting a new medical paradigm at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics. Her new book, Your Pristine Blueprint, explores her life journey and professional experience that led to her current understanding about the energetic basis of health and disease rooted in our degree of resonance with the Unified field.

I was introduced to Beth through Dr. Francesca McCartney from the Academy of Intuition Medicine.

We talk about the following and so much more:

✅ What she means by “the field that connects us all”.
✅ How matter emerges out of the Unified Field?
✅ How to determine our pristine blueprint
✅ How sound impacts our lives
✅ How to heal dissonant signatures in our energy field
✅ The “human biofield”, and how other people’s energy or stuck energy show up
✅ How thinking affects our physiology and Dr. Pert’s work on emotions.
✅ What she measn when she says we must “know” ourselves
✅ She talks about relationships and what the essential factors that allow a relationship to become a vessel for profound transformation

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