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How to build a world-class wellness and health company with Vivoo founder Miray Tayfun

Jan 24, 2022

Today’s episode is with Miray Tayfun the co-founder and the CEO of Vivoo, an application based on urine data that delivers personal advice to the individual for a healthier lifestyle.

Miray graduated from Stanford postgraduate programs specializing in Go-to-Market Strategies as well as Diet and Gene Expression. Miray has previously founded companies in medical diagnostics, smart homes and smart co-living spaces.

Vivoo is the first at-home wellness tracker that uses urine to provide personalized insights and recommendations unique to the user's body while helping them track their hydration, pH, ketones, kidney & liver functions and so much more!

It takes just 2 minutes to take a test and get your results instantly in your home, through your mobile app.

We talk about the following and so much more:

✅ Vivoo’s value proposition and why she started the company
✅ Her investment journey with Tim Draper and other well-known investors in Silicon Valley
✅ Vivoo’s competitive advantage
✅ How the company changed from the version 1 to where it is today
✅ Her favorite book recommendations

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes with startup founders in the Middle East and North Africa!

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