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Building an online classified company in Kuwait, with Tarek Sakr

Dec 13, 2021

Today’s episode is with Tarek Sakr, a seasoned CEO and tech entrepreneur with a proven track record of innovation, disruption and changing the status quo across the region.

After a successful career in finance, Tarek followed his passion for tech and successfully founded and grew the top 2 online marketplaces in Kuwait, Q8Car and 4Sale.

4Sale is the leading online classifieds platform in Kuwait, where over 950,000 monthly active users connect to buy and sell anything. 4Sale is available on the web, Google Play and App Store.

We talk about:

✅ How he started his business when the technology and startup ecosystem in the Middle East was almost non-existent
✅ Why he decided to build his first business in Kuwait
✅ What motivates him to continue even in the face of challenges and adversity
✅ Why he did not take funding, and instead choose to focus on building his product and offering
✅ How the pandemic impacted his business
✅ Why HR and Hiring is the most important focus point for him now

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes with startup founders in the Middle East and North Africa!

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