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Your Mind on Art with Ivy Ross, VP of Design for Google Hardware

Sep 28, 2023

Today’s episode is about your brain on art with Ivy Ross, the Vice President of Design for the Hardware organization at Google.

Ivy Ross is the Vice President of Design for the Hardware organization at Google. Over the past six years, she and her team have launched 50+ products winning over 240 global design awards. This collection of hardware established a new Google design aesthetic that is tactile, colorful, and bold.

A winner of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, Ivy’s innovative metalwork in jewelry is in the permanent collections of 12 international museums.

Ninth on Fast Company’s list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business 2019, Ivy believes the intersection of arts and science is where the most engaging and creative ideas are found.

Her latest book, Your Mind on Art is available wherever books are sold.

We talk about the following and much more:
✅ Why she says that art is the language of humanity
✅ How art affects our emotions and mental state
✅ Why is art so transformative and valuable in our culture
✅ What does art have to do with mental health or well-being
✅ Some simple ways we can incorporate more art into our lives
✅ What role creativity plays in the human mind
✅ How can art help us to process and express our feelings
✅ How art reflects and shapes cultural values and norms

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