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The life of Ken Wilber and Grace and Grit with Sebastian Siegel

Aug 3, 2023

Today’s episode is with Sebastian Siegel who is a British-American director, producer, screenwriter and author. His modes of storytelling range from filmmaking to contemporary art and psychology.

Sebastian adapted, directed, and produced the feature film GRACE AND GRIT based on Ken Wilber’s acclaimed book, anticipated for release in 2020 (teaser here).

Sebastian discusses production of the film with Julia Ormond (at the 2020 IEC), with Allyson & Alex Grey at CoSM and in a Director’s Statement at Shambhala. John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods, calls the film “brilliant”.

“Sebastian Siegel is a dexterous and original director, his movie is transcendent storytelling at its best.”
- Alex Grey

"Like the book it’s adapted from, this film is brilliant. Grace and Grit will shake you, and maybe even awaken you in some way. This movie is a must-see, especially for anyone interested in love or consciousness.”
- John Mackey

We talk about the following and so much more:
What it means to create your life and your own reality?
The film Grace and Grit and what it meant to the film and why he felt moved to make it
His relationship with Ken Wilbur - and why he thinks his work is important
How he counsels people who may have some difficulties in relating, especially in a romantic partnership

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