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The Science of Synchronicity & Living In Flow with Sky Nelson- Isaacs

Mar 9, 2023

On today’s episode, I speak with Sky Nelson-Isaacs who is a physics educator, speaker, author, and musician. He has a master's degree in physics from San Francisco State University, with a thesis in String Theory, and a BS in physics from UC
Berkeley. Nelson-Isaacs has dedicated his life to finding his own sense of purpose, beginning as a student of the Yogic master Sri Swami Satchidananda when he was less than five years old. His writing on topics like flow comes from integrating this experience into his life. He brings together the connection between synchronicity, physics, and real life using research and original ideas. As an active researcher in quantum foundations, his research is supported through grant funding from a private foundation.

An educator with nine years of classroom experience, with experience in the industry as a software engineer, Nelson-Isaacs is also a multi-instrumentalist and professional performer of award-winning original musical compositions.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What synchronicity means
✅ Why he says synchronicity is neutral
✅ How quantum mechanics may explain synchronicity
✅ How is flow linked with synchronicity
✅ He talks about how when we experience synchronicity what we are seeing are two events that are meaningfully related, but the first does not cause the second.
✅ How events can be meaningfully related without being causal
✅ How to distinguish synchronicity from coincidence
✅ What is meaningful history selection?

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