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Neil deGrasse Tyson | Are we alone in the cosmos? What is our place in the universe?

Jul 22, 2021

Today’s episode is about the cosmos and investigating our place in the universe. My next guest almost requires no introduction. We’ll be featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and author of more than a dozen books—like Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. He is the host of StarTalk, a podcast, and Cosmos, televised by Fox and National Geographic.

He has received 21 honorary doctorates as well as NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal.

We talk about the following and more:

✅ What is our place in the universe and if we are alone
✅ The mysteries of the cosmos and how life began
✅ How the planets are classified today
✅ The most surprising thing that he has learned in the last 6 months
✅ The building blocks of astrophysics for a mainstream audience that may not have access to a lot of concepts in physics, and astrology
✅ How human beings are made up of the “stars”
✅ Something that is important for every human on earth to understand when it comes to the cosmos
✅ How Neil’s approach to science is evolving

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