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Whole brain living and how a stroke changed this doctor’s perception of everything with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Jun 17, 2021

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard trained and published neuroanatomist. In 1996 she experienced a severe hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain causing her to have a stroke, and lose the ability to walk, talk, read, write or recall any of her life.

Her memoir, My Stroke of Insight, which I’ve read, documents her experience with stroke and eight-year recovery. The book spent 63 weeks on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list, and is still routinely the #1 book about stroke on Amazon.

In 2008 she gave the first TED talk that ever went viral on the Internet, which now has well over 27 million views. Also in 2008, Dr. Taylor was chosen as one of TIME Magazine's “100 Most Influential People in the World”.

On this episode, we’ll be diving into her new book “Whole Brain Living The Anatomy of Choice and the Four Characters That Drive Our Life”.

We talk about:

✅ Her new book “Whole Brain Living”, and what it means
✅ What the “four characters” are and why is getting to know them is important
✅ What the “Brain Huddle” is and how you can train our four characters to work with each other
✅ How the four characters map to the hero’s journey
✅ How incredible Jill’s opportunity to study a stroke from the inside out was in her position as a neuroanatomist
✅ How it takes less than 90 seconds for the chemistry of that emotion to flood through us how to deal with an emotional response
✅ Her quote “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring” and what that means
✅ Her rehabilitation in the book “My Stroke of Insight”

You can follow her here: www.drjilltaylor.com

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