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My Dears, thank you so much for alll the delicate tips, the necessary and important information you provided , the transparency, the positive energy and the truth you dealt with to make it a rreal helpful episode.🙏🙏I'm so grateful to have You in my Life, much lovre💞
Aug 21st

Thank you for your sweet and kind words.
Aug 23rd

Beautiful discussion lovely people. Namaste. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness. Love & Light. Change is upon us
Aug 24th

Thank you so much. Lots of gratitude 💜🙏 change is upon us, true 🙌🙏💜
Aug 28th

Waw! What a rich awakening episode!! Thank you dear Mireille and Rodrigue for this very interesting and awakening discussion.
Sep 02nd

You are most welcome 💜 our pleasure always 🙏
Sep 09th

So what has to be done to break this collective wrong consciousness? What way of thinking is required to be practiced to start building a great Beirut after doing all the healing?
Sep 02nd

I am so grateful to all of you great healers in Lebanon and all over the world🙏🏻❤️
Sep 02nd

We are grateful for your beautiful presence too my dear 🙏💜😘
Sep 09th

I mentioned a lot “ resilient lebanese” and now i am learning to choose my positive words intelligently and wisely
Sep 02nd

الذاكرة الجماعية والوعي الجماعي

Taqat Hob | طاقة حب

Religion & Spirituality

في هذه الحلقة نستضيف رودريغ حمّال - مخرج سينمائي ومعالج في تقنية الثيتا، للحديث عن الذاكرة الجماعية وعن الوعي الجماعي. كيف يمكن للصدمة ولتبعاتها النفسية والعاطفية أن تنتقل من جيل إلى جيل وأن تتحوّل إلى معتقدات خاطئة ومحدودة في حال لم يتم التعامل معها تدريجياً بشكل صحّي وسليم

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