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كيف نحقق ما نتمنّاه في حياتنا

Taqat Hob | طاقة حب

Religion & Spirituality

في هذه الحلقة، نتناول موضوع تحقيق الأمنيات والرغبات في الحياة. كيف يمكن للإنسان أن يؤمن بذاته، بالقوة الداخلية لديه، وبقوة الخالق والكون كي يتمكن من تغيير واقعه للأفضل وأن يساهم بتجلي كافة رغباته وأمنياته أمام عينيه MySay link:

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You both are great ♥️♥️
May 16th

Thank you 🙏❤️
May 16th

This is really great! Will try to work on myself 🙏♥️
May 16th

Choose that and let us know soon how things were manifested in your reality 😊 All the best ✨
May 16th

I will practise it with my work❤️
May 17th

I always felt I'm a magician in my life and this episode was just confirming ❤️ somehow everything is connected.. Great work.. Thanks for sharing and speaking about a topic that is rarely discussed in the media.
Jun 30th

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