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Becoming the highest version of yourself with Azrya and Benjamin (Bee) Bequer

Feb 1, 2024

Today’s episode is with Azrya and Bee Bequer, the Co-Founding Stewards of KAVAN , a 30-acre retreat center on the South-Pacific coast of Mexico that serves as a nexus of gathering for a community committed to personal and social transformation.

The husband and wife duo are also Co-Stewards of MUSA, a 500+acre, beachfront residential development. The Bequers have dedicated the past decade to their passionate desire to put power and resources into the hands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creatives.

To support this work they co-authored the BEQOMING book and developed the BEQOMING Process, a unique and powerful methodology that integrates Transpersonal Psychology, Sociology, Systemic Theories, Leadership, Coaching, Breathwork, Neuroscience, and other embodiment practices.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What does spirituality mean to them and what role does it play in their lives?
✅ Why did they decide to write the book Beqoming, and the themes that readers have resonated most with?
✅ Their desire to build community and act as a catalyst for others
✅ Some of the themes about their courses on spiritual awakening, and what they’ve seen as a moment of transformation for individuals
✅ What is “Kavana”

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