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How to shift your layer of reality with Reality Transurfing and Renee Garcia

Sep 14, 2023

On today’s episode, I’ll be speaking with Renee Garcia, a Certified Reality Transurfing instructor, and an Alternatives Space adventurer.

Having ventured deeply into the metaphysical world of Reality Creation she has transformed personal failure into success, poverty into abundance, sickness into healing, and a bleak worldview into one brimming with joy and magic.

Renée has employed RT to discover fulfillment, true purpose in life and connect with the highest version of herself. With a self built practical methodology and magical wand in hand, she is now empowering others around the world to do so the same.

Her motto is “knowledge without application is merely entertainment”. With a rapidly growing following of supporting “Transurfers” at her side, Renée brings to light the works of Vadim Zeland at home and worldwide.

She has developed the only English language Reality Transurfing instructional program which serves as the backbone for The International Transurfing Institute, which she founded in 2015.

You can check out a link on her online courses here:

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅Her overall perspective on being able to create our own reality
✅Does everyone have agency over their own life?
✅What is Reality Transurfing (RT)? And specifically, what is a Transrufer?
✅How did you shift your layer of reality with this work.
✅Why making someone or something important dangerous?
✅What is excess potential? Why do people create their own misery?

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